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A Message From The Chairman

Neil Baxter - Chairman

As the latest in a long list of people who have held the office of Chairman I feel privileged  to be associated to Withernsea Golf Club at a time when we are developing  our facilities and looking to òpen them up to residents of the town and local area.

The golf course and club have been in its current location since 1909 although the course has been extended and the way that the club is managed has changed since then. Despite that it remains Withernsea's golf course and is still owned by its members almost all of who live within 15 miles of the first tee.

Some golf clubs have helped to  retain the image that golf is a game played by the wealthy and elite, this is something that Withernsea Golf Club has never tried or even wanted to do. Way back in the 70s and 80s many high profile business men and sports personalities’ took every opportunity to visit our town and play golf at Withernsea. The comment was often made that the golf course was a challenge and good to play but more importantly it was somewhere that they could come and relax with friends after the game.

Our current ambition is to return that status to Withernsea GC.  Over recent years people have forgotten what a precious facility they have on their doorstep and, sad though it is to admit the club has been through a period of decline. We are not alone in that and many Golf Clubs up and down the UK have actually closed their doors for good.  I am pleased to announce that we are not one of those clubs and in fact we are poised to take the club on to a stronger, more sustainable footing and hopefully ensure that Withernsea will have a tremendous facility for the local community and visitors for years to come.

We will probably never be as elaborate as our neighbours in the golf world but we have refurbished our old clubhouse and for the first time in many years our greenkeeping team have been given the support to help improve the quality of the playing areas out on the course.

One of the biggest benefits our members have is that, unlike many clubs with high membership numbers, they can almost always get on the course whenever they wish. A relatively new member told me that when he is out on the course it sometimes feels like he is playing champagne golf but only paying beer money for the privilege.

All of that will hopefully be of interest to those that play golf now and those that have an interest in starting to play, whether to ease the competitive urges or as part of a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the reason we have tried to find a way to reduce the cost in the initial period until you know for sure that the game of golf, and Withernsea Golf Club is for you.

Non golfers please don’t despair, we haven’t forgotten you. We are currently talking to organisations working in the community with the aim of bringing other activities to the Club. Some of that effort is being spent looking to providing activity for the youth in the area whilst a second project is looking to provide a facility for the community to join us in a social/sporting activity that we feel anyone could join in. Add to that a friendly clubhouse with a tremendous view and a relaxed atmosphere that we  hope will be an even greater asset to the community.

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