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Thank you for going that extra yard (or two)

While the course and club have been closed most of us have been doing other things and not giving the club a second thought. One or two have been along to the club and given their time for free to sort things out for the rest of us. Of the ones that I am aware of special thanks go to:

  • Peter Dalton and Alan Smith

  • Captain Pip Harrison

  • Andy Collins

  • Paul Richardson

  • Gary Thompson

  • Tim Silversides

This sort of help will make sure that the Club gets stronger for all of us.    If the bar was open I would buy you all a drink. (this offer expires on March 31st 2021)

Resumption of Golf  - 29th March 2021

I thought that it may be a good idea if everyone had an idea of what the club is planning to do to ease us all back into the swing. We all know that golf is back on 29th March and that the tee time booking system is open and times are already being snapped up. The basic distancing rules remain in place although they will be eased, hopefully, over the coming weeks. We would ask you to stick to the rules and not congregate around the club house, the carpark or the tee. Please do not arrive at the club more than 15 minutes before your booked tee time and, until restrictions are relaxed, please do not hang around after your game. I am sure that you are all aware of the restrictions and will do your best to stick to them.

On the golf course itself the same rules regarding the flagstick remain and they must remain in the hole and must not be touched by a player or caddy. it is allowed to hold the flagstick with your putter to assist if the flag is against or in windy conditions etc. There will be no bunker rakes on the course and the local ruling will be that bunkers are out of play. your ball should be dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief keeping the hazard between the ball and the flag.

Regarding competitions the decision has been made that club competitions will restart on 1st May which is the usual start of the summer season. The programme is on the 'diary page' however the entries are NOT cast in stone and as many clubs are cancelling events and moving things around we are reserving the right to do the same to co-ordinate the programme. Until the start of club competitions then we would anticipate that you would want to continue your various 'roll-up games' and that is perfectly acceptable but please adhere to the distancing rules at all times.

Some of you may wish to add scores to your handicap record and that can still be done even with no club competitions being held.  Provided that the course length is not reduced significantly, your round is played completely to the rules and your score verified by another player then your score can be counted towards your handicap record. The one other proviso is that you indicate on the sheet, one will be provided, that you wish your score to count and that you do this BEFORE YOUR ROUND COMMENCES. If you place your card in the red box the score will be input and applied to you record. NeilB 26th March

If you haven't already seen it WHS have released an App for your phone (iphone and android) Install the app on your phone, log in with your CDH and password and you will always have your up to date Handicap index with you along with your scoring history. Look in your app store for MyEG

Senior Section

There is now a page on the site specifically for the Senior Section. Please check it out if you are interested in Playing against other clubs (home and away fixtures) in a friendly format and a reasonable cost.

NeilB 12th Dec


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