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For those that have been asking about it we can now confirm that the sale of the Chestnut Avenue car park has, at last, been concluded. The funds have been exchanged, all disbursements made with the balance in our accounts. There is a possibility that need to create a reserve for any capital gains liability but other than that all is completed. The land is no longer in our ownership which means any change in access to the club from Chestnut Avenue is not in our control.  (NB 19th July 2020)

Food is once again being served in the Club and the Sunday Carvery will recommence on Sunday 26th July. I have updated Sarah's page with the new hours and will add more information over the next few days as it becomes available. Having Sarah's Pantry at the Club is a great facility which not only provides it's services at golf events but introduces new people to the club, many of which return to spend time and money with us. It would be good for all if we could consider occasionally to eat at the club to show our support to Sarah and her team. (NB 19th July 2020)

The Clubhouse opened on 4th July and much work has been done to comply, as best we can, with the guidelines to keep staff, members and visitors safe. Please take the time to read the notices, learn what is expected and then stick to the rules.

Some facilities, villages towns and cities have already been pulled back into the lockdown situation, lets make sure that that we don't join them.  (NB 8th July 2020)






The number of visitors to the club has remained at a much higher level than normal which is a great boost to the financial strength of the club. I would like to thank all members for being so welcoming to these visitors, I believe that this has been one of the reasons that many are returning to give it another go.

The team worked hard to get the clubhouse ready for opening and we would ask that you study and respect the instructions when in and around the clubhouse whenever you are there.  In addition to that we have quite a number of new members in the club and I would ask that you welcome them warmly and help them to feel as comfortable as possible. Remember that the club is only as good as it's membership.

Stay safe and enjoy your golf and take advantage of the re-opened bar facilities.   (NB 8th July 2020)


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