As you are probably aware we have been looking at the situation regarding the machinery at Steve's disposal to maintain and improve our golf course. Because of a total lack of funds over recent years it has not been possible to renew, or indeed maintain to a decent standard, any of the ageing equipment. As a result it now takes additional time to complete many of the routine tasks and sometimes even then the machinery does not deliver the quality result we would like.

There have been many comments about the improved standard of the greens over the past couple of weeks and whilst some of that improvement has been down to feeding and mother nature much has been down to the Greens Machine we have been trialing. Steve has not been totally happy with the results, for example you will have notice accumulations of cut grass on some Greens. As a result the company that we have been talking to about that particular machine will be taking away over the next few days to complete some servicing and improvement work. It is possible that if when it is returned the improvement can be seen on the course that this will be the machine that we purchase.

The second machine currently being used by our Captain on the course seems to satisfy our needs as a multipurpose machine. The original Toro machine that we tested did a really good job but unfortunately the running costs meant it could not be considered. NB 19th July 2020

You will almost certainly have noticed over the last few weeks that we have had a baby boom amongst our native rabbit population. They are causing mayhem on the course undermining bunker faces and creating any number of holes around the course. We have taken steps to reduce this problem and the population should be reduced over the next few weeks. The course of action that we are taking will not interfere with your golf at all and should not be noticed. 


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