As the season goes on the lack of irrigation on the course is beginning to tell. I have played two or three courses lately and we are not alone, I have been told that even though the north of the country has not had the heat of the last couple of years the problem of drought has been almost as bad. All in all I do think that the course is in good shape and the greens have recovered well from where they were two months ago.

The situation regarding machinery has been concluded now. The Toro Greens machine has had some alterations made to it by the seller and a bit of fine tuning which seems to have met Steve's requirements. In addition the team continue to be happy with the Kubota Front Line on which the Captain has now completed the hours required to be classed as a Black Belt. That machine is used to be more agile around the numerous trees on the course but can double up  as a straight forward fairway mower.

Both machines have now been purchased outright with no outstanding liability to the club.

There are two or three trees that stand between the 5th green and Egroms Lane that are being removed or reduced in stature. This work has been started and will be finished over the next week. If you are playing when this work is being carried out please take extreme care as if you are injured it could well delay the work. For your information one of the trees is leaning at a severe angle and is deemed unsafe. The other that are being worked on have grown to a size that is interfering with the satellite signal to a local resident and member who can no longer receive his preferred foreign channels  NB 14th August 

This work is still outstanding but I am hoping will happen soon. You will almost certainly have noticed over the last few weeks that we have had a baby boom amongst our native rabbit population. They are causing mayhem on the course undermining bunker faces and creating any number of holes around the course. We have taken steps to reduce this problem and the population should be reduced over the next few weeks. The course of action that we are taking will not interfere with your golf at all and should not be noticed. 


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