While You Have Been Away


For the duration of the most recent lockdown many of us have been cursing Covid as the reason for the plug being pulled on our golfing activity. However, those that took time out to walk down to the course, as part of their daily exercise allowance, would have seen that even without the dreaded disease it we would not have been able to play. The pictures above were taken during the first week in February and believe me more rain fell after they were taken.

The result was that all work on the course was impossible, taking any machinery out there was just to dangerous and without doubt would have caused damage. The slow drying out process meant that work could not start on the course until very recently. In the short time left to prepare the course much has been done. Steve's aim has been to get the 'aggressive work' done before we were back playing. This has meant that he has been able to complete the spring verti draining a little earlier than planned, solid tines were then applied to the greens rather than the coring that is sometimes done. 30 tonne of sand has been delivered and much of it applied as top-dressing to the greens.

We have been fortunate to be able to have the greens analysed, for the first time in a while, and a programme put in place specifically for our greens and conditions. All of the required products have been acquired and the process of applying the started. There is a programme in place for the coming season and hopefully we will be able to advise players what work is intended as we go along. Obviously as we live where we do the weather is a massive factor and the programme has a degree of flexibility to allow for that.

Unfortunately, along with several other courses that I am aware of, several greens have seen an exceptionally early infestation of larvae which has attracted feeding birds. The results have led to one or two greens being damaged. Steve is on the case and restoration work is underway. Some temporary greens have been prepared as a precaution only but we will see what can be done before we open.

Work has started tidying up the bunkers and several other areas of the course have had quite a bit of work done to, hopefully improve the overall area. I hope that you will view everything that has been done in the short time available in a positive light but any constructive feedback will be heard.

NeilB 23rd March