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We have now had our first few days of golf since the lockdown and overall it has been going went well. The comments from those that played were positive and even though the news that we could open was sudden Steve and his volunteer team did wonders to prioritise and get the course tidy and ready for play. We have plans in place to work on the greens and to get them in a better condition. As you probably know irrigation is a problem for us and for the work that is planned to be successful we are waiting for a slightly more typical spell of wetter weather.

The restrictions continue and to help us to adhere to the rules and guidlines in a resposible way that will prevent a 'step back' being enforced could we ask that members continue to follow the rules in place. We will monitor advice and change the rules we apply as appropriate. The aim is to get back to the 'new normal' as soon as possible. In the meanwhile please adhere to the following rules and remember to always follow the social distancing guidlines. We appreciate that years of habit are difficult to break but please remember it is for the protection of all that the rules are in place.

  • All players must secure a tee time prior to arriving at the club (07933937832). Times can be booked as an individual or as a twoball. There really should be no exception to this, the purpose is not only to try and control the flow of people on the course but also through the car park and locker area.

  • Please do not arrive at the club more than 15 minutes prior to your time.

  • If you need to collect gear from the locker room then please ensure only one person in at any time. Please collect your clubs, shoes etc the move outside to change shoes and sort clubs.  whilst not possible for everyone if you can take your gear home after your round please do so and remove the need for going into the locker room on your next visit.

  • If you need to use the practice putting area then only two allowed at any time and please restrict your time to ten minutes.

  • Do not move towards the first tee until it is clear.

  • Please adhere to social distancing rules at all times both on and off the course

  • Please do not touch the flagsticks.  Some courses have removed them altogether and we do not want to be forced into that situation.

  • All bunker rakes have been removed but the bunkers remain in play. please try to smooth the sand after a visit although as we are not playing 'competition golf' at this point then you can decide how you wish to deal with bunkers. A free lift and drop seems to be a popular option.

  • Following you round please leave the club as soon as possible. If you must have a 'breather' before you leave the club then PLEASE make sure that you keep it as brief as possible and fully observe social distancing rules whilst doing so.

A lot of things to remember but the alternative is no golf so I am sure that you will do your best to comply and enjoy the new found freedom.

Club News

We are fighting our way through these strange times thanks to the continued support of our members. Hopefully you are finding the need to book times manageable, I know that many have found a way to manage it without much difficulty and, I hope, get the times that you want.  All of this is despite the fact that since re-opening we have been able to welcome a significant number of guests.  This has helped the clubs finances and in addition resulted in several new members who I know will be wecomed into the club and encouraged to become more involved as soon as they feel comfortable.

One dissapointing bit of news is that the greenkeepers sheds were broken into recently and several items of equipment taken. The paperchase and insurance claim for the break in is underway.

On a more positive note the work on the tenth (soon to be the first) tee has restarted and I think that it is now possible to get an idea of what the finished project will look like.

I am looking forward to telling you about forthcoming events, both golf and social, but for now I hope that like me you are enjoying the ability to get out and play. The rest will come in time but until then stay safe, enjoy your golf and let me know when you need a tee time.



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