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Monthly Competitions Diary


                         May 2024 Competitions

Wednesday 01-May George Kellet Trophy Week 3

Saturday 04-May Monthly Medal 

Sunday 05-May Single Stableford

Tuesday 07-May Single Stableford

Wednesday 08-May George Kellet Trophy Week 4

Saturday 11-May Shanghai Cup

Sunday 12-May Single Medal

Tuesday 14-May Single Stableford

Wednesday 15-May George Kellet Trophy Week 5

Saturday 18-May Team Am-Am Open Better Ball Stableford

Sunday 19-May Single Stableford

Tuesday 21-May Single Stableford

Wednesday 22-May George Kellet Trophy Week 6

Saturday 25-May Single Medal & Race Night

Sunday 26-May Single Stableford

Monday 27-May WGC Open Day with Active Withernsea

Tuesday 28-May Over 50s Pairs

Wednesday 29-May George Kellet Trophy Week 7

                       June 2024 Competitions

Saturday 01-Jun Monthly Medal including Millennium Trophy qualifier.

Sunday 02-Jun Single Stableford

Tuesday 04-Jun Single Stableford

Wednesday 05-Jun George Kellet Trophy Week 8

Saturday 08-Jun H & D 1st, 2nd & 3rd Divisions Open

Sunday 09-Jun Single Stableford

Tuesday 11-Jun Single Stableford

Wednesday 12-Jun Seniors Away to Sutton  George Kellet Trophy Week 9

Saturday 15-Jun Jubilee Cup ( Stableford )

Sunday 16-Jun Single Medal

Monday 17-Jun Seniors Away to Beverley

Tuesday 18-Jun Single Stableford

Wednesday 19-Jun George Kellet Trophy Week 10

Saturday 22-Jun Kirk Cup

Sunday 23-Jun Single Stableford

Tuesday 25-Jun Single Stableford

Wednesday 26-Jun George Kellet Trophy Week 11

Saturday 29-Jun Single Stableford

Sunday 30-Jun Single Stableford


Tuesday 02-Jul Single Stableford

Wednesday 03-Jul George Kellet Trophy Week 12

Thursday 04-Jul Seniors v Beverley (Home) (?)

Saturday 06-Jul Captain's Weekend

Sunday 07-Jul Captain's Weekend

Tuesday 09-Jul Single Stableford

Wednesday 10-Jul George Kellet Trophy Week 13

Saturday 13-Jul Monthly Medal

Sunday 14-Jul Single Stableford

Tuesday 16-Jul Single Medal

Wednesday 17-Jul George Kellet Trophy Week 14

Thursday 18-Jul Seniors v Burstwick (Home) (?)

Saturday 20-Jul Single Stableford

Sunday 21-Jul Single Stableford

Tuesday 23-Jul Single Medal

Wednesday 24-Jul George Kellet Trophy Week 15

Saturday 27-Jul Single Stableford

Sunday 28-Jul B. B. Stableford

Tuesday 30-Jul Single Stableford

Wednesday 31-Jul George Kellet Trophy Week 16

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